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"Keeping Smooth Jazz & Classic Soul Music Alive"

Since the late 70s, Gary has been a great connoisseur of music with his inspiration for both the artist, and the music industry. His collection of rare and hard to find classic soul music from back in the day has allowed his vision to come to fruition. His network has led to the activation of his website, which is nationally and internationally known as NYC Wham! This website has afforded him the opportunity to work with numerous jazz artists. This website is a progressive tool in support of the smooth jazz & classic soul artist. Our motto is keeping the driving force of the music heard worldwide for recording artists and consumers.

From 1990-2006 his affiliation with live broadcast from radio stations where he staged popular musical showcases; "Westchester After Dark" on WVIP/106.3 fm, and "Harlem After Midnite," on WHCR/90.3 FM. With these narrow down airwaves showcasing his known legends in genre of soft rock, adult comtemporary, smooth jazz, r&b, gospel, and neo soul, has awarded him a network that listeners can appreciate. Gary's insight and vision has launched an inseparable inspiration with many recording artists that are the rising stars of smooth jazz trend. Some of the highlighted artists that he is affiliated with are as follows: 3rd Force, Yulara, Lattitude, Craig Peyton, Paul Hardcastle, Joel Del Rosario, Ragan Whiteside, Down 2 the Bone, Four80East, Cal Harris Jr, Cassius White, Jonathan Frizten, Oli Silk, Vincent Ingala, Ruby Baker, King Errisson, Bob Baldwin, Phil Perry, Fishbelly Black, Maurice White, Cindy Bradley, Paula Atherton, Bill Mcgee, Marion Meadows, Matt Marshak, Stix Bones, Ty Causey, Soul Ballet, Fingerprints, Otis Hayes III, and the chart buster list goes on for NYC Wham!

Chart Buster Observation Network:

We have developed a 5-star listening track rating (ltr). Which has rated and alerted all recording artists of their listening poll, that means 90% of our audience in the tri-state arena approved of our reviews. Due to this it has achieved the recording artists with a better insight on their cds and track support. While under our smooth jazz and classic soul radar it also reveals target chart buster potential. That’s just what the majority of our audience wants to hear. The team consist of long term and trustworthy media network affiliates of smooth jazz and classic soul analysts, who has been influenced and inspired with the smooth jazz and classic soul genre. Our motive is to launch reviews on new and classic smooth jazz artists with a combo of rare r&b, blues, soft rock, neo soul, and gospel artists on each navigated section on our musical network. This will entice our listenership. Your donations and contributions will create a valuable work environment for all artists contributing to venues in the tri-state area leading to future live performances, promotions, and jazz cruises with entertainment.

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Thank you for visiting our musical network. We are spending a lot of time reviewing music & campaigning for the artists, while maintaining this musical network our support system goes above the basic standards of other promotional networks or media affiliates. If you appreciate our work and would like to help us financially, please make a donation via PayPal, by clicking either button.

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